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About Us

Lionheart Security is committed to excellence.

We at Lionheart understand your specific security ​needs. We will strive to offer you the best security services possible. Our highly experienced management has over 50 years combined experience in Law Enforcement and we will use that experience to help keep your business and employees safe and protected.

Our Management Team

The masterminds behind your security have already been involved in public safety for many years, and they want to continue. They have been patrolling your streets, understand crime in your area and know how to deter and prevent this crime. Each one of the people in charge have experience in drug interdiction, dispute resolution, crime deterrence, and property crime investigations. Each one knows the law and the application of these laws. Lionheart trains their security guards with this sense of duty and intelligence of law application. Below are just a few of these people.

Sgt. Ali Shah


Mr. Ali Shah has 12 years of experience in Law Enforcement. His Law Enforcement career includes patrol, criminal investigations as a detective, supervision as a Sergeant on Patrol and, Police Training Division Sergeant. He also has 7 years experience in business management.

Zulqi Shah

CHRO - Chief Human Resources Officer (DFW Area)

Mr. Shah has over 25 years experience in business management, and human resources management. Mr. Shah has created thriving businesses  and helped companies reach their full potential. 

Sgt. Antoine L. Callum


Mr. Callum has 12 years experience in Law Enforcement. His years of experience include patrol, criminal investigations, street crimes/narcotics investigations, and supervision as a Sergeant.

Zain Shah


Mr. Shah has over 15 years experience in the security services field. Mr. Shah has worked all over the globe in this same field in supervisory positions. Mr. Shah is currently the Chief Operations Supervisor for the DFW Area.